OpenView Counselling





OpenView Counselling Service can offer a cost effective way for the smaller organisation to support its people, enhance its HR offering and ensure smoother operational activity.


Why counselling?

As employers in the current economic climate, you need to be getting unsurpassed commitment from your staff.  In return, they are currently seeking the very best support from the organisation they work for.  Moreover, the stresses of everyday life – workplace issues, relationship problems, family concerns, financial difficulties – can seem particularly magnified for each and every one of us in these times.


Counselling is an opportunity and process, offering individuals the time and space to focus on aspects of their lives that they consider to be problematic, that may be affecting their performance at work and perhaps, they would like to change.


This is precisely where counselling can play an integral role in the employee:employer relationship; providing an independent route to achieving a win:win situation for all concerned.


Benefits to Employers


By implementing an employee counselling service you could:

  • Gain access to expertise that you simply could not afford to provide in-house and enhance your H.R. offering
  • Reduce the risk and cost of absenteeism
  • Increase staff retention rates
  • Improve recruitment
  • Complement your existing human resource package
  • Offer a valued incentive towards staff satisfaction
  • Acquire a cost effective route to avoiding future employment disputes


Benefits for employees


Working for an organisation that offers such a service means:

  • Free, confidential and independent support
  • A valuable employee benefit as part of their employment package
  • Fast-track access to counselling whenever they need it
  • Acknowledgement that their employer is genuinely interested in staff welfare
  • A choice of face-to-face or telephone counselling, as appropriate


Cost Effective and Professional Service

I am a qualified counsellor and member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), am fully insured for practice, hold a current enhanced CRB for my work with children and vulnerable adults and undertake regular professional supervision.


I am experienced in working with a diverse range of personal issues in various setting including the workplace, NHS, schools and voluntary sector.  In addition I have also been a senior manager in industry, self employed and managed a small workforce, worked in H.R. for a great deal of my working life and have experience of tribunals and mediation.


How it works

Your employee may have a range of reasons for wishing to talk with a counsellor:  anxiety, self esteem, bereavement, relationship   problems, workplace issues, stress, and traumatic experiences.  You can tailor my counselling service to meet the needs of your employees.


I am bound by a professional code of ethics, which ensures client confidentiality – therefore the employer is provided with non-personal statistics in order to manage the operation of the scheme.


Workplace Mediation

I am an accredited NHS Workplace Mediator and can offer this service to your organisation, if you wish to know more about this please contact me.


Workshops and Training

Workshops and Training can be tailored to your needs and delivered by myself or my network of associates


Next Steps

You may contact me by telephone or by using the contact form provided.  I will meet with you to answer your questions and discuss how my counselling service can work for your organisation.


My experience has shown me that staff issues are often more rapidly and more effectively resolved in organisations which have implemented an employee counselling scheme.  If you would like your organisation to reap the same benefits, let’s talk about it.